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Focusing on The Children
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Military Branches

U.S. Department of Defense - Websites > Family: Children, Education

The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military
 forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country.

GoArmy.com - About the Army, Careers & Jobs, Benefits, Soldier Life, For Parents.

Navy.com - About the Navy, Careers & Jobs, Navy Benefits, Parents & Advisors, Hot News.

AirForce.com - Careers, Education, Life, Basic Training, Our Mission, Enlisted Opportunities.

Marines.com - Guide, Opportunities, Educational Opportunities, Training Heritage, Uniform.

Military.com - GI bill made easy; sign up forms for branches of the military.

MilitaryConnections.com - Locator, reunions, loans, reserve & guard programs.

Military Family Resource Center - Tool for enhancing effectiveness of military family policy/programs.

GovArm.com - Government & Armed Forces Travel Cooperative. Civilian employee, Uniformed Services.


NavyLeague.org - Citizens in Support of the Sea Services. Navy, Marine, Coast Guard.

Paralyzed Veterans of America - Thank You Veterans - E-Cards, For Teachers, Community Outreach.

Veterans of Foreign Wars - Mission: "honor the dead by helping the living" through veterans' service.

Focusing on the Children

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