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Focusing on The Children
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Additional Federal Family Resources

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
> YouthInfo - Family and Youth Services Bureau - Resources for Young People.
> Head Start Bureau - Serves development needs of birth to five & their low-income families.
> GirlsHealth.gov - Information on the health issues they will face as they become young women.
> Fatherhood Initiative - Special initiative to support and strengthen the roles of fathers in families.
> Office of Family Assistance -
Provides assistance and work opportunities to needy families.

U.S. General Services Administration
> Kids.gov - Links for Kids - The best kids' sites from other organizations.
> FirstGov.gov - Links for Parents - Becoming a Parent, Babies, Preschoolers, Safety, Health, Childcare.

BensGuide.gpo.gov - Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids.
Government Printing Office - Catalog of U.S. Government Publications - Search "Children Disabilities"

SocialSecurity.gov - Information for Kids, Teens, Parents and Teachers.
BuckleUpAmerica.org - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Product safety ratings.

GovBenefits.gov - Your Benefits Connection - Locate Benefits by State, Browse by Category.
> GovLoans.gov - Federal loan information. Housing, Education, Business, Agriculture, Veteran.

Office of Personnel Management - Student Educational Employment Program - Hiring During Summer.

Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight - Promotes housing and a strong economy.
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Information by State. Grants, Buying, Renting.

U.S. Department of Labor - Women's Bureau - Better Jobs, Earnings and Living.
U.S. Small Business Administration - Women Business Centers - Startup Kit, Financing.

The White House - Kids Page, Education, Health Care, Medicare, Energy, History & Tours.

Federal Emergency Management Agency - (FEMA) - Disaster & Emergencies, Response & Recovery.

HelpingAmericasYouth.gov - Nationwide effort...
the Community Guide to Helping America’s Youth!

Focusing on the Children

United States of America  

Information for Kids, Teens, Parents, Teachers, Counselors and Researchers