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Federal Child Care Support

U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services
Child Care Bureau - Administers Federal funds to States.
National Child Care Information Center - Child Care Bureau - Early care/education information.
> 13 Indicators of Quality Child Care

   Child Abuse Indicator, Immunizations Indicator, Staff Child Ratio and Group Size Indicator
   Staff (Director and Teachers) Qualifications Indicators (Two Indicators)
   Staff Training Indicator, Supervision/Discipline Indicator, Fire Drills Indicator
   Medication Indicator, Emergency Plan/Contact Indicator, Outdoor Playground Indicator
   Toxic Substances Indicator, Handwashing/Diapering Indicator

U.S. Department of Labor - Child Care Assistance - Family/Medical Leave Act, Fair Labor Standards Act.

Consumer Product Safety Commission - Be sure your child care setting is as safe as can be.
> Recalls.gov - Food, Consumer Products, Medicine, Cosmetics, Environmental Products, Vehicles.

Internal Revenue Service - IRS - Child Care -
Tests To Claim Credit, Form to Claim Child Care 2441.

ChildCare.gov - Federal resources that support child care programs.

National Network for Children - Explore child care resources by state.
National Resource Center - Health & Safety in Child Care:  States' Child Care Licensure Regulations.

Nat'l Child Care Association - Serving the private, licensed childhood care and education community.

Focusing on the Children


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