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Focusing on The Children
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Department of Education

U.S. Department of Education - Promoting Education Excellence.
   Students - Portal for Student Aid, Career Colleges and Technical Schools
   Parents - Checklist for Parents, Federal Student Aid, Helping Your Child, News.
   Teachers - Improving Teacher Quality, Lesson Ideas, Tools for Student Success

U.S. Department of Education

> My Child's Academic Success
- Helping Your Child Succeed in School.

> America Reads - Kids, Families, Educators, Colleges/Universities, Federal Work-Study.

> 21st Century Community Learning Centers - No Child Left Behind Act.

> TheGateWay.org - Provides educators with quick/easy access to educational resources.

> Helping Your Child with Test-Taking - Helping Your Child Succeed in School.

> Eric.ed.gov - Education Resources Information Center - Bibliographic database of citations.

> NCES.ed.gov - National Center for Education Statistics - Search for Schools, Colleges and Libraries.

> National Institute for Literacy - State & Local Directories - Teacher/Tutor, Student/Leaner, Grants.

> Federal Student Aid - How to help your child prepare for education beyond high school.

> Private Schools - Home Schooling, Charter Schools.

> National Center for Education Statistics - Private Schools - Search for Schools, Colleges, Libraries.

Office of Postsecondary Education - Formulates Federal postsecondary education policy.
> HOPE Scholarships and Lifetime Learning Tax Credits - Office of Postsecondary Education.

Focusing on the Children

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Information for Kids, Teens, Parents, Teachers, Counselors and Researchers