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Federal Divorce and Marriage Resources

Federal Judicial Center - Education/Research Agency for the Federal Courts.
Legislative Information -
The Library of Congress, Bills: Search "divorce".
United States Code - Search: Office of the Law Revision Counsel.
National Child Support Enforcement Association - Voice for the child support community.
Social Security Administration - Marriage, Divorce, Name & Address Change.
Marriage and Divorce Statistics - National Center for Health Statistics - Provisional Data.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Administration For Children & Families - Adoption/Child Abuse/Child Care/Child Support
Children's Bureau Enforcement of Support
Evaluation of Child Support Guidelines Handbook on Child Support Enforcement
Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement Web-Based Program for Marriage Grants
Guide: Qualified Medical Child Support Orders Early Head Start National Resource Center

Health and Human Services - Families/Children: Child Support, Abuse, Adoption

Center / Disease Control Prevention - "divorce"  HealthFinder.gov - Guide to Reliable Health Info.
Investment Program on Marriage and Divorce Effects of Marriage on Economic Well-Being
Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children Helping Children/Families Deal w/ Divorce
Fatherhood Initiative - Support/Strengthen  What Fathers/Mothers Say About Child Support
Non-Custodial Participation in Their Lives Involving Non-Resident Fathers In Learning
Parent's Involvement in Children's School Men Who Do For Children and Men Who Don't
Children of Alcoholics: Are They Different? Treatment for Abused & Neglected Children
Substance Abuse Treatment/Domestic Violence

Focusing on the Children

United States of America  

Information for Kids, Teens, Parents, Teachers, Counselors and Researchers