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Federal Educational Resources

FirstGov.gov - Local, Federal, and National Libraries; Online Library Databases

Science-Education.nih.gov - National Institutes of Health - Office of Science Education - All Grade Levels.

AfterSchool.gov - Federal resources that support children and youth during out-of school hours.
National Governors Association - Education Division - Early Childhood, Reading, High School, Higher Ed.

BensGuide.gpo.gov - Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids.
Library of Congress - The Learning Page - Especially for Teachers - Lessons, features, activities, films.

USMint.gov - Coins are History, Games, Cartoons, Time Machine, Teachers, Coin News, Camp Coin.

Pueblo.gsa.gov -
Child's First Day At School - Things to Help prepare him/her for this new adventure.

U.S. Department of Labor - Wages by Area and Occupation, Employee Benefits & Projections.
Bureau of Labor Statistics - Training, Qualifications and Advancement to become a Teacher Assistant.

WhiteHouse.gov - Kids, Education, History & Tours, Major Speeches, Lincoln Library, President.
Archives.gov - U.S. National Archives & Records - Digital Class Room, Constitution, Bill of Rights.

Government Printing Office - Federal Depository Libraries - Locate Publications State-by-State.
U.S. Departments of Justice & Education - Truancy Prevention: Empowering Communities & Schools.

FCC.gov - Federal Communications Commission - Kids Zone.
FAA.gov - Federal Aviation Administration - Camps are one-week.  Aviation and Space Education

SciTechResources.gov - Catalog of government science and technology web sites.
National Science Foundation - Classroom Resources, Awards, Academies for Young Scientists.

CareerVoyages.gov - The ultimate road trip to career success.
Census.gov - Back to School - Facts for Features & Special Editions - Pre-K through 12 & College.

U.S. Geological Survey - Education, Science in Your State, Plants & Animals, Natural Resources, Earth.

Focusing on the Children

United States of America  

Information for Kids, Teens, Parents, Teachers, Counselors and Researchers